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Welcome to Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC, the office of Dr. Allen M. Manison, where quality chiropractic and rehabilitative services are offered in a caring, compassionate, and warm environment.

Please browse through our site and see all the great services that we provide. Whether it be a spinal condition, injury due to trauma, extremity condition, pre or post surgical rehabilitation, sports-related injury, gait problem, or other type of musculoskeletal issue, chances are that Dr. Manison has specialized training that can assist with your problem(s). Dr. Manison is one of only two Diplomates of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians® in Maryland.

The doctor prides himself on offering the best chiropractic, soft tissue, and rehabilitative care possible. His philosophy is that good patient results can only be achieved when the doctor administering the care has optimal training and spends the necessary time to diagnose the problem and correct it. Individualized care is essential! It is for these reasons that the majority of the patients at Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC are referred from medical doctors and other patients. Dr. Manison has the highest level of training in the Columbia / Ellicott City / Howard County region. As Dr. Manison likes to say 'When you're ready to get better, come and see me.'

**Exciting News**x3

1. We are going to be updating the whole website soon. We will have a whole new look. Stay tuned! We are getting close to a launch date (we hope!).

2. We have had the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner (Raman Spectrometer) in our office for now over a year. Needless to say, the results have been oustanding. The scanner allows us to assess dermal caroteniods that are accepted in the medical literature as THE biomarker for your health and nutrition status (click here for one of the studies). It is no longer necessary to literally throw money away on supplements that don't absorb and/or could be causing harm (most of them on the market). We are not what we eat...we are what we absorb. Sadly, NO other product lines on the market are tested for absorption, making most everything you take equivalent to 'snake oil'. Only Pharmanex offers products that are guaranteed to absorb. The products are of such high quality that six of them are listed in the PDR!

This company was started by PhDs and now they have 37 PhDs and over 100 scientists working on their product line..not to mention also working with dozens of universities and independent labs. Their product quality cannot be matched. The scanner tells you the level of your carotenoids (a certain branch of antioxidants of which there are over 600). Your carotenoid level is directly associated to your overall antioxidant level. Dr. Oz calls the scanner 'The Nutritional Lie Detector'. Now you can find out if you are absorbing what you eat and supplement. Low carotenoid levels indicate chronic oxidative stress. This is responsible for a myriad of ailments. Come in and discover your level of oxidative stress so that you can work to get yourself healthier. This is a huge addition to our practice and we're excited to be one of the few healthcare providers in the area to offer this important service. Simply put, there is no better way to go if you value your health and nutritional status. We do not sell supplements, we sell validated health!

3.  Dr. Manison's case study on cervical spine Cox Flexion/Distraction was published. It is in the December 2011 edition of Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM). JCM is one of only two chiropractic medically indexed journals. This is very exciting and is a huge accomplishment for a clinical doctor, as most doctors in practice do not publish. Click HERE to see the abstract for the study! Dr. Manison is going to begin his second case study soon. Stay tuned as it will be on a totally different topic! Dr. Manison will be starting on another case study for publication soon. This one is on a great topic as his approach yields great results compared to a lot of what is in the literature at this time. Stay he learned from his first published case study, it takes a long time to get a paper published!


Directions to the office:  The address is 8835 Columbia 100 Parkway, Suite D, Columbia, MD 21045.  If you are not familiar with where we are, please click on the links below to help you find your way. We love the new location as it offers a great new look and is much bigger!

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Please click here to visit Pro Form Instruction, LLC. This company issues continuing education credits (CECs/CEUs) to fitness professionals.

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