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Elbow Pain…What The Heck Is The Issue?

Elbow Pain…What The Heck Is The Issue?

The elbow…well, it certainly isn’t the ‘funny/crazy bone’ when we hurt it.

The elbow…when it hurts, it certainly isn’t so ‘funny’ or ‘crazy’.

We treat a LOT of elbow problems in our office.  Why is this?  Well, we have an active patient base and most all we do affects the musculature in our elbows.  It used to be that when you had medial, or inside, elbow pain, that would be called ‘golfer’s elbow’ and when the pain was on the lateral side, or outside, that was called ‘tennis elbow.’  Well, needless to say, times have changed and people in many sports get medial and lateral elbow pain and they certainly are not playing golf or tennis.  For that matter, not all golfers get medial elbow pain and tennis players lateral elbow pain anyway…sometimes, it’s the opposite.  As as far as that ‘funny bone’ issue we’ve all heard about, that occurs when we bang a certain part of the elbow that the ulnar nerve runs through.  The sensation we feel is irritation to the nerve and the distally affected tissues feel ‘funny.’ Continue Reading →