Dr. Manison is one of the only Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners (CCEP) in the State of Maryland. He is the only CCEP in the Columbia, Ellicott City, Baltimore, and Howard County areas. In addition, he was asked to teach some of the classes in 2016.  What does this CCEP designation mean and how does it enable Dr. Manison to better help his patients?


he CCEP program was created by the Council on Extremity Adjusting (CEA), a non-profit post-graduate educational organization started by Dr. Kevin Hearon to provide chiropractors with a high level of extremity diagnostic and treatment protocols. Dr. Hearon has been prolific with his studies since becoming a chiropractor in 1977 and has accumulated over 5000 hours of post-graduate education. He has written four books (with numerous editions) on the subject of chiropractic extremity treatment. He also has DVDs/videos on the subjects of advanced taping procedures and muscle testing. In fact, much of the assessment of extremity joint problems comes from the ability to properly muscle test involved regions.

The CCEP program consists of 7 distinct modules that cover what the chiropractor needs to know about treating most all extremity injuries. Although the chiropractic doctorate education prepares the chiropractor for basic extremity assessment and treatment, the CCEP program advances this knowledge tremendously so that the patient of the CCEP receives the highest level of care for their particular extremity needs. The modules are:

  • Advanced Principles of TMJ, Rib, and Shoulder Adjusting
  • Advanced Principles of Upper Extremity Adjusting
  • Advanced Principles of Lower Extremity Adjusting
  • Advanced Principles of Extremity Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Principles of Foot, Gait, and Orthotics
  • Soft Tissue Methods for the Spine and Extremities
  • Global Assessment of Extremities

Each module is followed by a written examination. The clinicians who pass all 7 written examinations are able to sit for the practical examination to become a CCEP.

Dr. Manison has advanced his sports medicine practice tremendously due to his CCEP experience. As the official chiropractor of the Baltimore Marathon for over a decade, Dr. Manison has constructed hundreds of pairs of orthotics that have helped his patient athletes to achieve better run times.

Dr. Manison believes that the knowledge obtained from the CCEP program along with Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping/RockTape, dry needling, and other advanced rehabilitation training enables him to offer treatment protocols for extremity injuries that are unmatched by other chiropractors in the field and unmatched in the Columbia / Ellicott City / Howard County / Baltimore region. It is this knowledge, experience, and ability that lead to many referrals from area primary care physicians, orthopedists, and other medical professionals for their patients who need non-surgical intervention or who require post-surgical rehabilitation.

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