Chiropractic care is utilized for a multitude of conditions.

The principles of how the body works are universal. If joints and associated soft tissues are not working properly, proper care is necessary to correct the problem and help restore normal function. Simply put, a mechanical problem needs a mechanical resolution.

With an emphasis on spinal structure and function, chiropractic care is an excellent treatment option for virtually any and all joint complexes in your body. As the only field that specializes in conservative treatment for joint dysfunction and soft tissue pathology, chiropractic care can most likely help you with whatever musculoskeletal condition you are suffering with! Please feel free to read on and browse the website to learn about many of the conditions chiropractic care is utilized for.

Drs. Manison and Hickey hold the highest level of training in the chiropractic and rehabilitative fields in the Columbia, Ellicott City, Howard County, and Baltimore region. It is not only their training, but also their experience, that enable them to offer such high quality care. Come see what Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC can do to help you achieve optimal health.