This phrase sounds catchy but there is science to it unmatched in the supplement industry.

We know that oxidative stress (think of this as free radical damage) is major player in  health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc..), metabolic disease, macular degeneration, back pain, inflammation, and the list goes on.  We can safely call oxidative stress the ‘Silent Killer.’

Knowing this information, it is VITAL to know what our oxidative stress level is.  This can be done a few ways but the medical literature has determined that utilizing the Raman Spectrometer is the best way of doing it.

The Raman Spectrometer (which utilizes Nobel Prize winning technology) uses a blue light LED laser at anywhere between 450-550 nm wavelength (in our case 473nm).  It is aimed at the stratum corneum (outside layer of skin) to determine the density of carotenoids.  Carotenoids are the fatty acid antioxidants that your body cannot produce.  You MUST consume them.  Their levels are the biomarker of health and nutrition status.  You have adequate amounts, you are healthy.  You are deficient, you are not healthy.  Period!

So, where does this get us?

  1. Oxidative stress is the silent killer.  Over 137,000 indexed  medical studies on this topic relating it directly to a plethora of disease processes.
  2. The Skin Carotenoid Scan (SCS) utilizing the Raman Spectrometer is the BEST (and least invasive) way of determining the level of oxidative stress.
  3. If the level is low, it is necessary to consume foods and/or supplement to get the carotenoid level higher so as to lower the likelihood of aforementioned disease states.
  4. Only one company in the world offers the Raman Spectrometer as a validated and objective means of determining if what you eat/supplement is absorbing.  Only one company offers products guaranteed to raise the SCS score…and this directly correlates to your health.

The sad fact is that most all supplements do not absorb.  They truly are ‘snake oil.’  This is because virtually no companies test absorption.  They are what we call ‘front loaded’.  This means that they go out and buy what they feel are good ingredients, package it nicely, and make claims based on what is in their product.  There is no validation to their absorption and in most cases; the products are a waste of money.

Enter Pharmanex, started by Dr. Joe Chang, who was chief of product development at Wyeth and Michael Chang (no relation) who was chief of medicinal chemistry at Merck.  These two highly intelligent men set out to create a supplement line that was not ‘snake oil’…and they succeeded.  Pharmanex products are ‘back loaded’, meaning they are tested to be sure they are absorbing and are as pure as they’re touted to be.  The 6S process they use matches/exceeds pharmaceutical standards.  Mission accomplished.  We also have to mention that Pharmanex offers some epigenetics products, or products that target genes to improve certain cellular functions.  This area of study only Pharmanex can address as they own Life Gen Technologies, one of the main companies that worked on the human genome project.  There are supplements, and then there are health products…Pharmanex is all about health!

Simply put…do not ingest a supplement unless you can validate that it is working for you.  Only Pharmanex offers such high quality products.  Nobody else even comes close.  How do we know?  We can administer a Skin Carotenoid Scan (SCS) on the Raman Spectrometer and see if the carotenoids in whatever you eat/supplement are absorbing.  Don’t be surprised by the results.  We already told you most everything on the market does not absorb!

So, now back to ‘do you nano’.  What does this mean?  Pharmanex offers many products that are guaranteed to raise your carotenoid levels.  The LifePak Nano is the best of the line product.  It uses nano technology to aide in carotenoid absorption as carotenoids, being fatty acid based antioxidants, can clump.  Should you have any absorption issues, you are going to have problems absorbing the carotenoids.  The nano solves this problem and then some by coating each carotenoid molecule to better allow for absorption.  It’s an amazing technology and it’s the only supplement on the market that utilizes it.  It’s all about the science and Pharmanex leads the way.  This is what you get with over 75 masters/PhD level scientists working in-house to create the best products in the world.

If you care about your health, come on in and get a Skin Carotenoid Scan.  Determine your health and nutrition status.  In addition to making any necessary nutritional changes, supplement products that are guaranteed to work.  Anything less coming from a doctor is unethical.  Only sell what you can prove is working!

So, are you ready to nano?


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