Dr. Manison is now Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Certified

Dr. Manison is now Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Certified

Doctors learn how to assess and treat based on their specialization. Chiropractors are taught how to diagnose neuromusculoskeletal problems and how to properly treat them.  If a patient presents with a condition that a chiropractor cannot handle, then an appropriate referral should be made.

Dr. Manison has acquired skills in most of the highest level treatment approaches in his field.  In fact, he now teaches part of the Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) program nationally.  This program, developed by Dr. Kevin Hearon, is regarded in the field as the highest level program on the assessment and treatment of extremity injuries.

Most healthcare providers will agree that the diagnostic portion of patient evaluation is more difficult than the treatment side.  Dr. Manison agrees with this. What about those people who have a problem somewhere in the body that is creating pain elsewhere?   What if that injury requires certain movements that have to be assessed before a proper diagnosis can be made?

The SFMA is the medical side of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) , a screen that personal trainers use to assess movement patterns of their clients.   It is the gold standard.  Life the FMS, the SFMA has top tier tests for assessing larger movements, but the SFMA continues on to have full breakout tests to diagnose conditions down to the most specific problem.  The SFMA is the most advanced movement assessment tool in the world for physical medicine doctors.

Dr. Manison completed his Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) training (level 3 medical) several months ago and this qualified him for sitting for the SFMA test.  We are happy to report that Dr. Manison recently successfully passed this test and by doing so, has earned the title of Certified SFMA Practitioner.

Dr. Manison will begin implementing the SFMA with select athletes in the near future.  Being each assessment can take over an hour, Dr. Manison will hone in his skills and practice so that he becomes as proficient as possible.  He will be attending a level two SFMA class in April 2017.

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