Dr. Manison now TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Medical Level 3 Certified Provider

Dr. Manison now TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Medical Level 3 Certified Provider

Golf is a sport that many consider to be an addiction: players will go through great lengths to improve their swings, ball distance, fitness, conditioning, etc… all in the name of lowering that handicap.  Along with the need to have a good teaching golf professional to work with, players at all levels need a proper assessment to see if their bodies are even capable of doing what they are asking it to do and proper personnel to help them ‘move’ as they should.  Fixing a golf swing is not as easy as simply saying ‘you need to rotate more.’  The body is quite complex and the golf swing relies on so many joints and muscles that even a slight bio-mechanical issue can cost the golfer many strokes!

The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) in Oceanside, CA is the top golf assessment and rehabilitation facility in the world.  Titleist doesn’t just put their money into balls and clubs.  They put their money into being sure that their contracted athletes get the best possible care to help them achieve their best results on the course.

TPI, founded by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips in 2003, set out to determine the best way(s) to assess golfers to determine not only how to enhance swings, but also to develop a system that would help determine where swing faults occur and then follow that with a very advanced system of correction.  Although it is utilized to help identify the root of musculoskeletal injuries, it can be used to identify future injuries as well.  Based on data from thousands and thousands of golfers that they have worked with, the science that TPI implements is both unique and effective.  It’s premise is based on movement.  If a golfer cannot move properly, they cannot golf properly.  Period.  This doesn’t only affect the person on the golf course.  Injuries due to golf are all too common and affect activities of daily living.  This is where TPI shines and others can not match.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Manison just achieved the highest level of training a medical provider can receive from TPI: Medical Level 3 Certification.

What does this mean?  This means that Dr. Manison is trained in the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) evaluation and the 4×4 Matrix to restore proper movement patterns to the body to optimize function on the golf course and for better overall musculoskeletal health.  Identifying areas of the body that have joint and soft tissue problems and differentiating them from regions of instability is the key.  Sure, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc… all have diagnostic skills, but they are not for determining where the movement patterns of the body are flawed. The diagnostic skills only give information once the injury has occurred.  TPI has filled the gap in knowledge.

Dr. Manison also received training in advanced equipment to assist golf teaching professionals. One such device is the highly touted K Vest.  This device assesses the golf swing and gives a kinematic assessment along with information such as bend, side bend, rotation, and more.

Dr. Manison intends to utilize this high level training with golfers so as to determine what the golfer needs to best optimize their body so as to allow them to optimize their game of golf.  There is a lot of science now that can be utilized to help golfers and it’s time to get the word out.

Dr. Manison has also passed the prerequisite examination (separate test) and now he is eligible to sit for the SFMA examination. Stay tuned!

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