I went to see Dr. Manison in January 2013 after I suffered a muscle cramp in my left calf playing basketball. It was so bad that I couldn’t put any weight in that leg until around 36 hours after I felt the “pop”, it was bad. When I went to the office, he quickly ordered an MRI to check the extent of the damage, fortunately there was no muscle tear, just the trauma related to the cramp and some signs of an old ankle/heel injury; he quickly recommended Dry Needling as the therapy of choice. It only took 4 sessions of Dry Needling to heal my calf, after the second session I was already exercising the leg. What was interesting was listening to the guys that I have talked to, who had suffer this type of injury, telling me that “it will take you at least 6 months before you can step in the basketball court again”. After 2 weeks of treatment, my calf felt like new, it was back to a 100%. Bottom line is, Dry Needling works, and in combination with other types of therapy, Dr. Mansion made sure that I was back on track, and it happened quicker than what I expected.

JC – Columbia, MD

Dr. Manison and I have had a professional relationship for over 7 years. There was a growing awareness that his knowledge was second to none. His thirst for personal improvement has made him one of the tops in his field. On a personal basis, he helped alleviate my recurring knee pain and got me back to the top of my game using a multifaceted scientific approach. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Manison and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Brian W. – 1996 Silver Olympic Medalist, 3x Pan Am Games Gold Medalist

A Chiropractor who actually cares about you and your healing and who can help you avoid unnecessary surgery! Dr. Manison likes a challenge, especially if you have a stubborn condition (he’s not just limited back/neck problems). Dr. Manison has an aggressive approach and uses advanced techniques and technologies (cold laser, ART, Graston, etc.), to promote natural healing with all types of joint problems, even the some of the most stubborn conditions. So if you have a conditions like ‘frozen shoulder’, tendonitis, tennis elbow, or carpal tunel syndrome (just to name a few!), Dr. Manison is the chiropractor for you! He is always reading and taking classes to stay educated on how he can continue to help people. As a long-term patient, I am so grateful to have Dr. Manison as my chiropractor and would recommend him to anyone looking for pain relief and natural healing.

CM – Columbia, MD

For over 40 years (I am 61) I lived with chronic low back pain, punctuated by occasional acute attacks of pain that kept me flat on my back for a day or more. Dr. Manison used manipulations and the Graston technique to “rebuild my back” over a period of five months; and he gave me a graded set of exercises to help me strengthen stomach and back muscles. It has now been four months since my last visit, and my back remains almost pain free, with only a few minor twinges now and then. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Manison and recommend him highly.

Dan G. – Columbia, MD

I am moving back to NY and I just wanted to say “thank you” for eliminating my shoulder pain. It has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life.

Blake D. – Columbia, MD

Dear Dr. Manison, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the successful treatment of the herniated and bulging discs in my neck. As you know, back in May 2007, I was incapacitated due to the severe pain caused by the pressure on the nerves from the herniated and bulging discs. You made an appointment with me outside of your normal office hours for the initial consultation. Not wanting to take chances on immediate treatment, you asked me to get a MRI first. This proved to be a necessary precaution, as the MRI showed damage on both sides of my neck, which could have had complications if this situation went undetected, and adjustments were made to my neck. After only a couple of treatments, my pain subsided significantly. As I have come to learn, your training, expertise, and mastery of the techniques used throughout the treatment made you uniquely qualified to treat my particular condition. Over the course of the treatment, as the frequency of the treatments tapered, I have become relieved of all the pain and stiffness in my neck. In addition, I generally feel better, due to the general manipulation of my spine that you routinely performed. I am happy to say that I can function fully now without pain, thanks to the care and concern that you had for me. I also see the special rapport you have with all your patients, and I am pleased that I selected Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC for treatment. 

Douglas T. – Columbia, MD

I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a note to say thanks for all that you have done. When I first began treatment following my back injury, I was in a lot of pain. Additionally, I was obviously concerned about the significance of a back injury due to my status as an active duty service member. As you are aware my profession is quite physically demanding. You took the time to explain not only my treatment but my condition. By teaching me about my injury, you enabled me to wisely limit my activity until I learned how to properly engage in strenuous activity. Although there is no way to completely repair my condition, I believe that as a result of your treatment and the conditioning exercises, my back is stronger than ever. The breadth of your training enabled such a well rounded healing approach that I am now virtually pain free! I am so impressed that I have already recommended you to several of my friends.

Lynn S. – Maj. USAF

 My daughter is an elite figure skater who competes at the national level and who trains on and off the ice about 20 hours every week.  For a thirteen-year-old, this not only requires complete mental focus but also absolute physical strength and health.  The impact of landing double and triple jumps over and over again takes its toil on a young body.

We first met Dr. M in 2007 when my daughter was recovering from a hip flexor injury.   Using Active Release Therapy, Dr. M. facilitated her recovery, simultaneously helping to improve her flexibility, her balance and her freedom from pain.  Six months later, he quickly recognized that pain in her landing foot –originally diagnosed by another doctor as an issue related to the skating boot—was significantly more serious than that and he facilitated quick and immediate orthopedic attention that prevented further career threatening injury to the foot.  His ART and physical therapy treatment of the ankle during and after the injury brought the ankle back to full strength, supporting my daughter’s success several months later at the regional championships and her advancement to Nationals.  She is now stronger than ever, rapidly improving in skill and competitive levels, supported by maintenance ART therapy that has become in integral and crucial part of her ongoing training. 

I am completely convinced that my daughter’s ability to continue to advance and compete in the sport that she loves would have been severely undermined and limited without the medical care, advice and expertise of Dr. M.  We have referred a number of other figure skaters and coaches to Dr. M and each has had a similar experience which led to resolution of the injury and pain as well as long-term performance-level improvements through Dr. M’s treatment and therapy.  I continue to recommend Dr. M without hesitation and with absolute certainty in his ability to support recovery that even surpasses pre-injury peak performance levels for elite athletes.

Kathy D., mother of 2007 U.S. Junior National Figure Skating competitor

I am a 52 year old avid golfer.  I had injured my neck about 2 years ago and just endured the pain until I could no longer golf.  After a couple years of physical therapy as well as anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers prescribed by my primary care doctor and general orthopedist, I got an MRI.  I was diagnosed as having 2 herniated discs in my neck and was referred to a spinal surgeon.  He recommended Dr. Allen Manison, a chiropractor who specializes in golf related injuries.  I had also suffered form a chronic low back problem for the past 27 years.  When I first started with Dr. Manison, I certainly had my doubts, but Dr. Manison doesn’t simply ‘crack your joints.’  With his current, updated treatment modalities and expertise (such as Cox Technique, Graston Technique, and Active Release), he worked not only the joints, but also the tendons and muscles.  He treated my injuries one at a time.

My neck was first.  I got to a point where the pain was manageable and I was able to again play golf and partake in my daily activities.  I thought that if this was as good as it gets, I could live with this.  I continued with treatments and daily exercise and got to a point where my neck no longer had any pain! 

With my low back, I was hoping for a 50% improvement.  Several years ago, I had been treated by 2 chiropractors and had been doing daily back stretches for the past 27 years.  Some days were just ‘okay’ and some were not.  Even though I experienced success with my neck with Dr. Manison, I still had my doubts that he could ‘fix’ my low back after all these years.  After all, having pain for so long makes you just accept it as an everyday obstacle.  In fact, the after I first hurt my low back, the first chiropractor I saw told me that I’d likely have back problems for the rest of my life.  With treatments from Dr. Manison, I again got to a point where things got a lot better.  I thought maybe my low back could get as good as my neck.  In time, it did.

I can now brush my teeth, sit in a car, and turn my  head without pain.  But more important to me, I am able to play competitive golf pain-free.  I can tee up the ball, pick up the ball, and even hold my follow-through without any pain. And yeah, there is one thing I don’t need to carry around in my golf bag anymore…800 mg ibuprofen! 

Mike M., Mt. Airy, MD

I am a 68 year old man who hasn’t visited a chiropractor in 15 years. I was saddened to see how commercialized the first two chiropractor services that I had gone to had become. It was with great relief that I was referred to Dr. Allen M. Manison. The first thing that had impressed me about Dr. Manison was that he wanted to know what discomfort I was in. He never wasted my time with a canned sales pitch. He started a hands-on program that addressed not only my area of discomfort, but all aspects of my physical fitness. Each visit he covered what he was doing and what he would be doing in the future and what I could expect as a result. Dr. Manison’s hands on treatment is only exceeded by his personal concern for his patients’ total well being.

James S., Ellicott City, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Allen Manison for about 1 1/2 years now. I made my first appointment after suffering through two years of agonizing headaches and numerous trips to doctors and physical therapists. I was tired of suffering and at the end of my rope for what to do. I had always been very skeptical about chiropractors but I had nothing to lose. The first thing that impressed me was the time that Dr. Manison spent on the initial visit gathering information and drawing up a treatment plan. He picked up on things in my MRI report that my neck specialist missed. I began a treatment plan of three visits per week and my headaches were reduced immediately. I travel often for my job but I never have a problem scheduling a visit with his friendly and efficient staff. I was one of the first patients in the office to get the new soft tissue treatment (Graston Technique) and ever since I started I have only had to schedule tune up visits once every 3-6 weeks. The headaches are virtually gone! Dr. Manison and his staff truly put the patient first and offer state of the art treatment. If you are in pain, you will be extremely happy with the results you get at Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC.

Mike K., Woodstock, MD

I have used chiropractic care for 25 years for lower back pain. Since coming to Dr. Manison’s office 5 years ago, I have had less pain and longer periods between visits. Dr. Manison’s methods of adjustments plus a regimen of Glucosamine Sulfate and Perna Canaliculus have given me a far better quality of life. Thank you for all your attention.

Mike M., Columbia, MD

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated what you did for me and my health.  I really do feel wonderful.  I enjoyed your sense of humor, your friendliness, and the pleasant office atmosphere.  I will keep up with my exercises!  Thanks again.

Carol S., Columbia, MD

I am a 70 year old retired NASA aerospace engineer who developed serious back pain while cleaning up debris from a recently purchased property in the aftermath of hurricane Rita in Louisiana.  The pain started in my lower back and traveled through my butt and into my legs.  I went through consultations with my medical doctor in Maryland and got x-rays and a MRI workup.  These showed degenerative changes and protruding discs in the lumbar region, and possibly a “pinched nerve” in my low back.  My doctor and I decided to try alternative treatment before going to a surgeon as we agreed that surgery should be used as a last resort.  We discussed the possibility of chiropractic care and my doctor thought that this approach would be reasonable. 

After much internet research, I chose Dr Allen Manison of Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC in Columbia, Maryland because he looked like he had the expertise and techniques that might best help me.  When I first visited Dr Manison, I was hardly able to walk from my car to his office without sitting down to ease the pain.  After several weeks of care, I am now able to walk and perform daily chores with much reduced pain. Dr Mansion created a custom plan for me and the treatment and manipulations have done wonders for my back.  I believe his care has prevented me from needing surgery.  As part of the treatment,  Dr. Manison provided me with an exercise/stretching program to stabilize and strengthen my back and stomach muscles so as to better support my spine.  I would highly recommend Dr. Allen Manison to anyone who is suffering from back pain. He is very friendly and was reassuring with his expert knowledge and training and explaining every step of his treatment.  He also has a wonderful, helpful staff.

Jimmy C., Columbia, MD