Why ALL Diabetics Should Be Incorporating Fasting

Why ALL Diabetics Should Be Incorporating Fasting

Okay, I’m not going to save the juicy part until the end of the blog.  So, here it is: fasting not only allows for better diabetes control but it also helps to reverse diabetes.  Science has now proven what many have already know for some time.  Do you know a diabetic?  Are they on a routine like me (Isagenix)?  If they’re not, they need to be if they want optimal health.

My story:  those who are familiar with me know  I began a particular nutrition/lifestyle program some time ago that involves caloric restriction and intermittent fasting to not only positively affect my athletic performance and recovery, but also to better lock down tighter blood glucose control.  As an insulin dependent diabetic for now over 35 years, I always want to do all I can to be as healthy as possible.  Sadly, I have found in my experience (and from discussions with many other diabetics over the years) that endocrinologists do not emphasize true prevention and nutritional intervention.  No, statins are not prevention…sorry.  More on that soon. On the topic of nutritional intervention to help diabetic control, there is a lot of research yet very few physicians touch on its importance.  This is rather unfortunate. With a bit of education and desire, it is easy to discover ways to better manage diabetes.

When one looks at how 65% of diabetics will die from heart disease/stroke, it should become readily apparent that more needs to be done than what we are told.  The guidelines established a couple of years ago to put all diabetics on statins did not sit well with me and for good reason. I believe that it is an admittance of failure of the ability to better control diabetics through true health means, so hey, let’s drug everyone!  Statins have a direct link to causing diabetes but because diabetics have a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, the risk is warranted. That is how it is justified.  Wow!  Why prescribe something when it might actually be worsening the condition of those you want to help?  I don’t get it nor will I ever.  The failure to either communicate nutritional intervention or the lack of knowledge in this area of some physicians is no excuse for across the board prescriptions.  I’d like to think we can do better!

Diabetics, like me, need to discover the best way to manage their condition on the nutrition side.  By doing so, there shouldn’t be a need for additional medications beyond insulin.  The best systems to follow are caloric restriction and intermittent fasting and more and more research is showing that this is the way (follow me on instagram @drmanson as I post lots of studies there).

A new study in the Journal Cell, titled Fasting-Mimicking Diet Promotes Ngn3-Driven β-Cell Regeneration to Reverse Diabetes, discusses in detail how fasting enables the diabetic body to regenerate.  I am not going to tell you that if you fast your diabetes will be cured, but I will tell you, from personal experience, that if you want the best blood sugar control possible, incorporating some protocol of intermittent fasting, along with daily caloric restriction, will help you achieve your goal.  There is NO substitute.  Period!

When I began my current system, I was taking 30 units of long acting insulin, called Lantis.  I was taking about 18 units of short acting insulin, called Novolog. My A1Cs, or long term blood glucose readings, were already in the low 6 range, but I did experience some noticeable fluctuations. You see, the A1C is not such a great test as high highs and low lows balance out and make it look like you have good control when really you do not (read more about the A1C here).  It is best to have good blood sugars with minimal fluctuations.  The A1C cannot determine this and I’m convinced that without the system I’m following, a diabetic is hard-pressed to maintain minimal fluctuations.

Since I’ve been on a caloric restriction lifestyle (and no, I am not in any way starving…I ingest about 2000 calories a day as I am at ideal weight and muscle tone) along with a fasting day every other week, my insulin needs have dropped off significantly.  I now take 24 units of Lantis on ‘normal’ days and only 18-20 on fasting days.  On ‘normal’ days, I take 7-8 units of Novalog and on fasting days, ZERO to 1 unit of Novalog…yes, my control is that good on those days.

My lean body mass is optimal and my visceral fat is at a 6 (it was at a 13 when I started and that can lead to significant health issues).  I recommend ALL diabetics get on a system like mine as it works.  By ‘works’, I mean that you will look better, function better, and have better diabetic control. My A1Cs have been a bit better than before I started on this lifestyle but the fluctuations are dramatically reduced.  This is big deal.  In addition, my blood bicarbonate is high, and this is very important as for insulin absorption, as you want to be more alkaline vs. acidic.

As more studies come out that validate the direction that I and other diabetics are moving in, you might want to consider this healthier lifestyle for yourself.  Are there any downsides you might be thinking?  NO, there are not.

If you want to learn more about caloric restriction and intermittent fasting, please follow contact me and again, please follow the studies I post on instagram @drmanison.  This is my life and this is what I do to be as healthy as possible.  It’s great that the scientific literature validates what I do.  I hope by sharing this information I can help you or someone you love live a healthier, better quality life.


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