CrossFit: Really a Dangerous Cult? A Response to Grant Stoddard’s (Yahoo Health) Negative Take on CrossFit [Part I of 2]

On February 7, 2012, Grant Stoddard wrote a rather critical assessment of CrossFit (on Yahoo Health and licensed by Men’s Health).  Although I understand his concerns, I think a lot of what he wrote about generalizes CrossFit too much and does not present a fair representation of what CrossFit is all about!

As a sports medicine doctor, I have the pleasure of working closely with 3 area CrossFit facilities.  Each is run by highly motivated, intelligent, and hard working individuals who pride themselves on proper form and technique. I have a lot of experience dealing with CrossFitters and as an educator of Fitness Professionals, I feel as though I can comment better than most on many of the aspects of different types of fitness.

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