The CSCS title is conferred to those who have attained a high level of knowledge and have successfully completed a two-part written examination on topics including proper form with lifting technique, anatomy and biomechanics, nutrition for the athlete, program design and implementation, and injury prevention.


f you treat athletes who workout with weights, it is very important to have the CSCS training.  This is because so many patients are involved in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, and more.  As a doctor dealing with injuries due to the movements associated with these sports, it is a necessity to actually understand the movements.  This helps the doctor to not only treat the athlete, but also assess the athlete to help improve biomechanics to avoid future injury.  A doctor who is a CSCS has the proper skills to work in this area of study.

Just as it is hard to teach Power or Olympic lifting unless you have substantial experience and training, it is very hard to treat injuries due to these sports and help the athlete avoid more like injuries if the doctor does not understand the movements and know how to assess/treat them.

Nutritional intervention also plays a significant role with the athlete and the CSCS training covers this topic.  An athlete involved in weight training places tremendous demands on his/her body.  This creates damage that must be dealt with to avoid injury.  Proper nutrition for a resistance-training athlete must consist of adequate amounts of anti-inflammatory, high BV protein.  We use the FDA approved InBody 570 to assess body composition (muscle and fat mass in the body) and use this data to individualize nutritional programs for athletes who wish to maximize their training and reduce their likelihood of injury. This is about getting better and performing better!  An athlete must address performance and recovery.  At Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC, we have all your needs covered…from assessment to treatment to prevention.

The CSCS along with our other training allows the doctors at Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC, to offer the highest level of training to help Crossfitters, Olympic Lifters, Powerlifters, Strongman competitors, and anybody who works out with weights in the Columbia / Ellicott City, Maryland areas.  We not only treat your injuries, we help you perform better!