Do You Want Your Brain To Function Better?

Do You Want Your Brain To Function Better?

As a sports chiropractor, my training involves learning how to best treat the body to effect changes in many ways for dysfunctional joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, and more. We know that chiropractic adjustments alter neurological pathways that change joint mechanics and alter muscle tone and tension, allowing for a change in biomechanics at local and more global regions.  This is great and it works well, but what about all the ‘holistic’ training we receive? Chiropractors are supposed to take care of the whole body, inside and out, but most of us do not do that when we only treat the body from the outside.  This approach is not complete and it does not allow us to fully help our patients.

My evolution as a chiropractor has led me to find that addressing the inside of the body is many times even more important than addressing the outside.  Afterall, if the body is unhealthy and otherwise in a proinflammatory state, how can it heal properly?  The answer is that it cannot and all too many patients require longer care plans in the office simply because their bodies are not healthy on the inside.  This makes it rather clear that to be the best doctors we can be, we need to address the whole body, giving our patients truly what they need to get better.

This brings me to the system I implement for myself to achieve optimal health (leaner, more muscular, stronger, fitter, amazing cholesterol levels, etc…) and what I now recommend for my patients: Caloric Restriction (CR).  CR is defined as a reduction in 12-30% of calories in order to help our body function at a more optimal level.  Of course, by doing so, we need to make sure our macronutrient ratios are proper (we need more protein) and our micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are adequate.  The system is not hard to follow and it’s easily sustainable.  By following CR, we are healthier.  Period.  We also lose fat weight (this includes visceral fat), gain muscle weight, enhance performance, and improve brain function.  This goes along nicely with what we do as chiropractors when we treat the body to improve neuromusculoskeletal function. Since the brain controls how the body works and chiropractors spend their time treating the body, it’s nice to know that we can do things to aid the brain and its function to best take care of the body.

Research shows us that  CR protects cells in all tissues and organs (especially the brain) and extends our lifespan.  It has effects all through our body, including aging of the digestive system.  In addition, we also know that CR decreases all causes of disease mortality. CR is even described as one way to rejuvenate the brain.  Wow!

To take this one step further, CR can actually delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases due to activation of SIRT1, a particular enzyme directly related to exerting anti-aging effects on the body.  Wow!

So, to summarize a chunk of the ongoing research, let’s make it clear:  reducing your calories with a proper and proven protocol to ensure macro and micronutrient balance will protect your brain and dramatically reduce the likelihood of getting diseases that can kill you. 

This is exciting information and I hope it gets your attention!  With this knowledge alone, you’d think that all healthcare providers would recommend a CR lifestyle, but unfortunately, not enough doctors are well-versed in the research…perhaps it’s time to spread the word to save lives!

As far as any questions regarding Caloric Restriction and the program we use: it is easy to follow, it is easy to maintain, and it is enjoyable.  If you want to be leaner, muscular, have better sports performance, recover faster, have a healthier brain, and just be healthier overall, look no further.

Let us help you achieve your goals of a better and healthier life by applying the science that best validates optimal body modification and enhanced brain function.   It’s time to optimize your health!


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