Dr. Manison Gets Case Study Published on Cox Flexion/Distraction Technic For Cervical Spine Disc Herniation

Dr. Manison was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM), one of the two medically indexed chiropractic journals.  This is a huge accomplishment and he is very excited about this.  Writing the paper and going through the editing process took about 100 hours of time.  It was a very tough and humbling experience, and he is very happy with the end result.

Most clinicians, or field doctors, do not have the time or skill to write a paper for medical publication.  Dr. Manison feels that it is important to continue to work hard to be the best doctor he can be as well as give back to the field.  If there are no studies on the successes of chiropractic, it is hard to justify the care.  The more those in the chiropractic field publish the good work we do, the better.

Dr. Manison would like to thank his wife and editor extraordinaire, Jennifer Hepps, MD, for her help with the paper.  Dr. Hepps is very accomplished in her field and her insight and direction were critical to the success of his paper.  When they say behind every man there is a great woman, this is truly the case!

Stay tuned as Dr. Manison will be working on another case study soon.  The topic will be of a very different nature, but it should help to revolutionize how a particular condition is treated.  Once this paper is published, Dr. Manison will aim to work with a few like-minded doctors on a Case Series.

We would include the entire study here but are not allowed to do so…however, please click the link below to view the abstract.

Chiropractic management using Cox cervical flexion-distraction technique for a disk herniation with left foraminal narrowing in a 64-year-old man

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