Introducing The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer Part 1

Introducing The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer Part 1

We are excited to be introducing our patients to the FDA approved  InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer.

So, what does this incredible machine do?  Well, it does a LOT.  Simply put, it provides information about what you are made up of…do you have enough muscle, too much fat, are you more likely to have serious health issues due to too much visceral fat, too much systemic inflammation, etc…?  Did I mention this unit has cleared FDA testing?

It is now considered to be one of the gold standards for body composition assessment.  This might seem like an odd piece of equipment for a sports medicine chiropractic office, but in reality, all sports chiropractors should all have one.  It is vital to have a quality body composition analyzer as so many patients need to improve their muscle:fat ratio as an imbalance in this plays a direct role in a patient’s ability to recover.   In addition, we can determine the intracellular water weight vs. the extracellular water weight in the body.  This helps us in a unique and validated fashion to determine whether a patient has systemic inflammation. This is very important to be able to assess.  On the topic of visceral fat, the major contributor to vascular health and an indicator that most have probably never had checked, yes, the 570 has you covered (it’s validity has been compared to abdominal CT scans).

At Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality chiropractic and rehabilitative services in the region.  The one element that sadly is overlooked by most every healthcare provider is what is happening inside the patient’s body.  This information could provide a significant reason as to why the patient is having problems recovering and functioning well.  This data can also be used to help our athletic patients better condition themselves as more muscle and less fat means better sports performance and recovery.  The InBody 570 provides us with the objective criteria we need, as healthcare providers, to assist our patients in increasing muscle while decreasing fat to look better, feel better, improve energy, and improve overall health.

The caloric restriction (CR) and intermittent fasting (IF) program we now share with our patients has helped all those who have followed the course properly (please read our other blogs on this topic).  The 570 will help us further validate the results we are getting.  Everyone who gets their body composition analyzed will receive a print-out so that they can share this vital data with their primary care physician (PCP).  Being most all of this information is not assessed during your checkups/physicals, this data should be added to your medical history and it should be monitored periodically.  The information is so important and everyone should know their body composition and work to improve it. The InBody 570 offers the best and clearest in-office way of obtaining these health markers.

Stay tuned for the next few blogs.  We will be discussing the studies that discuss how the InBody 570 works and the scientific validation behind it.  If you are interested in your health and how your body performs, you should get a high level body composition assessment.  You should also engage in CR and IF to be healthier…and we have the proven system that works!

Don’t wait to be ill…get healthy now!  It’s never too early to start working on your improving your health and now we have an incredible tool to help you with this process.


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